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weekly fruit and vegetable crop update 4-28-2014

Posted by Kyle Cecil -

1. 4 inch soil temp: 52 degrees

2. Growing Degree Days (GDD):April 1,2014 = 105.5 GDD  Average** = 47.0 GDD

3. Tree fruit growth stages.  A peach or apple grower should be familiar with the terms describing stages of fruit development.  They are referred to quite often to designate timing for spraying fruit trees. Green tip -Green leaves begin to emerge from tips of buds. Pink-flower buds have grown sufficiently to reveal the petal color.  Petal fall-petals are raining down from the tree, carpeting the ground.

4. In mid- to late May of this year, Brood III of the 17-year periodical cicadas in the genus Magicicada will emerge in Iowa and northwestern Illinois.  Magicicada septendecim, M. cassini, and M. septendecula are all found in this brood. Growers with new young fruit trees will need to protect them where populations are high.  (Dr. Rick Weinzierl, U of I).

5. An early flush of overwintering crop growth should be checked closely for aphids.  Aphids have a surprisingly low temperature threshold for development – green peach aphid’s is 39?.   When the air temperatures exceed 39?, overwintering aphids begin to move about and feed.  As soon as temperatures break and we get our first 60? plus days, aphid populations will be poised to take off. (Rutgers University)

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