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Facts for All Ages

Generations Can Learn From Each Other

  Since Older American's Month is coming up in May, wouldn't it be great to get our younger generations involved with our older generations in fun and meaningful ways? When children, teens and younger adults spend time...

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Child with Apple iPad

Screen Time and Young Children: A Q& A from the Illinois Early Learning Project

Screen Time and Young Children A big thank you to the Illinois Early Learning Project located at the University of Illinois for their partnership, support and permission to share this information on our blog! "Screen time" refers to time spent using a device (e.g., television, game console, tablet, computer, smart phone). Increasingly, children are spending more time using...

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Helping Your Child Make Decision for Higher Education

Helping your child make decision for higher education Decision making While I was attending a dual credit meeting for my daughter, I was thinking about all the decisions that high school juniors and seniors are making. High school students are planning and thinking about their future; if they want to attend a trade school, work at a local business, start their own busin...

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Don't Put Off Reading This Article!

Mark Twain said "Never put off til tomorrow, what you can do the day after tomorrow." As I've been helping my son during his senior year of High School, I hav...

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The Importance of Caregiver Self-Care


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couple talking

Intentional Harmony

Intentional Harmony We know that if we have a partner, that relationship is probably one of the most important ones. Then why is this relationship one of the most vulnerable ones to work-life stress? It is all too easy to take out frustrations on the person we love the most. How can we avoid this? Well, the answer is "It takes work" and an investment. Just like the title of this blog, w...

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Too Much is NOT a Good Thing

Originally printed in March of 2017, but thought it would be worthwhile to release again. While on vacation a few weeks ago, I noticed there were many elementary and middle school aged children present at our resort. I also noticed tha...

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