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Try Being Mindful

Have you ever driven home and when you were parking the car, you realized you couldn't remember anything about the drive home? Have you ever read a book and after a few pages, you can't remember what you just read? Maybe you were thinking of a conversation you just had, or an upcoming trip – your mind was so involved in something else that you weren't really in the moment, experiencing what you...

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Too Many Toys?

Posted by Cara Allen - Parenting

After the holiday season, it may feel like (and look like!) your house is just one huge toy box.  Also, does it seem like your child is just going from one toy to another without really stopping to play with any one thing?  When a child has too many toys to choose from, she may have trouble picking one.  Instead, she may go from toy to toy instead of settling down to play with...

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Resolve to Exercise your Body and Mind in 2015

At the start of each new year, many of us resolve to make some kind of change in our lives, whether it is to lose weight, quit smoking, save money, or exercise more. Very few of us add to our lists that we will dedicate ourselves to brain fitness. Yet, concerns about memory problems as we age are common for all of us. This year, why not resolve to be more mentally active on a daily basis? Engag...

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Tis the season to think about technology and children

As we wrap up the holiday season, I am guessing there is a good chance children may have received some kind of tech or electronic gift. Whether the gift be a tablet, cell phone, TV or gaming device parents need to be mindful about how much time and where children will be using these items. In addition, it would be good to monitor the use of these devices as well. The American Academy of Pediatr...

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