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RIP: Distinguishing Between Peer Conflict and Bullying

Posted by Karla Belzer - Parenting

A concerned parent once approached me with a myriad of questions on bullying. Why was her child being excluded from the peer group? What about name calling – is that bullying? Why is her child being picked on? What can she do to help? As the questions went on, one in particular stood out to me: "Is this normal?" It became clear: this parent was having difficulty distinguishing between "normal"...

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Help! The Holidays are Coming!

  The holidays will soon be here. Who can hardly wait for the shopping, decorating, wrapping gifts, cooking, baking, visiting with loved ones, mailing cards, attending holiday events, etc., etc…… W...

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Making the Grade

Posted by Susan Sloop - Parenting

School has been in full-swing for a while and…ready or not…the report cards will be coming home soon! Do you remember how nervous you were? Did you run home and joyfully hand it to your parents or did you want to feed it to the neighbor's dog? The anxiety caused by a piece of paper can be overwhelming, but it is not the paper that your child is worried about… is your reaction to it!...

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Little Chefs

Posted by Cara Allen - Parenting

"Mommy, can I help?" may not always be music to your ears when you are trying to get a meal on the table.  (Take advantage of your child's interest when they are little; when they get to be teenagers their only question about meals may be "Is it ready yet?") Did you know that the more a child helps with meal prep, the more interested they are in eating the meal?  So, having a child help...

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It's Fall…..don't fall into a Flu trap or any other medical misstep

It's Fall…..don't fall into a Flu trap or any other medical misstep for that matter. Are you up to date on your vaccinations? There are many preventable diseases that can cause people to have long term health effects, unnecessary pain, hospitalizations, medical costs and even cause death. Depending on your age and health condition you may have a higher susceptibility to getting sick. Th...

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