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Family Night In - July

Posted by Cara Allen - Parenting

What is a "family night in?"  It's doing something together at home that everyone in the family can enjoy.  Maybe your family already has some 4th of July traditions that you do together as a family.  Or maybe one of the activities below can become a new tradition!     Some ideas for July:  Have a water balloon catching contest.  How many times can you toss and...

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Keep Your Cool!

  As the summer gears up, so do the temperatures, and it is vital that we not only take care of ourselves, but also be mindful of those more vulnerable to the intense heat of summer – children, older adults and those with chronic illnesses....

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Keeping Kids in Car Seats

Posted by Cara Allen - Parenting

How times have changed - when I was a kid there were no requirements about car seats.  (Yes, I know how old that makes me sound - maybe I am writing this from my rocking chair!).  Hopefully, I can give some tips on how to make it easier to get children to not fight their car seats. Make being in a car seat a habit from the very beginning.  Children will accept it as part of riding in a...

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Do You Measure Up? What Parents Want in a Babysitter


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Family FunontheRoad

"Are we there yet?": Ideas for Family Road Trips

Posted by Karla Belzer - Parenting

Summer is full swing and many families are packing up and hitting the road. As a child, I loved road trips. Different scenery, anticipating the activities we would do or the people we would see, even just watching the world whiz by from the backseat – I enjoyed the open road and the excitement that road trips bring. I'm sure my parents would have a different account of how content I was in the...

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Red Rover, Red Rover Send my Childhood Back Over

Red Rover, Red Rover Send my Childhood Back Over During my childhood, there was much free time when kids were unsupervised. We roamed the neighborhood from each other's homes, we rode our bikes all around and we were supposed to behave and watch out for each other. We were expected to be home in time for dinner and then back out we went until the street lights came on....

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