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Family Night In - August

Posted by Cara Allen - Parenting

Overwork and over scheduling take a toll on families and relationships as we find less time together, especially to just hang out.  Taking a break to spend some relaxed time together as a family can be a way to reconnect.  A family night in is doing something together at home that everyone in the family can enjoy.  It doesn't have to be a major event, since often simple things are the most fun and...

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child success quote

Success For The School Year

Posted by Karla Belzer - Parenting

As the end of summer draws near and schools supplies pop up in local stores, parents and kids alike start focusing on the new school year. While the new year brings a level of excitement and anticipation, parents wonder on how to make the new school year successful for their children. All parents want their children to become successful, caring adults. Similarly, many parents want to be...

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Helping Children Deal With Tragedy

Posted by Cheri Burcham - Parenting

It seems like every time you open the newspaper or turn on the TV, radio, or computer, a new tragedy has occurred. Whether it involves shootings, missing airliners, bombings or building collapses, it has the same effect on us and our children. As paren...

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Tips for Summer Boredom


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math picture

Math Skills for Preschoolers

Posted by Cara Allen - Parenting

Now I know that this title and the picture have already made some of you move on to something else.  But for those of you who are still with me..... Don't want to pass along your arithmophobia (fear of math - it's a real thing!) to your children?  First of all, understand that math includes more than numbers.  It also includes patterns, space and shapes, and measuring, among other thing...

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changes ahead

Minimizing the impact of change on your child

Minimizing the impact of change on your child Change happens. Some changes are big, such as getting married or divorced, moving or birth of a new baby. Other changes may be smaller, but still can add up over time. Whether changes are life changing or minor inconveniences, they can cause stress. Some people really like change and others detest it. Whether you like it or not, chan...

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