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Facts for All Ages
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Do you have a Vial of Life? Emergency information to be prepared at any age

First, let's start with a little history about the program. In doing some research I found that the word LIFE, in Vial of Life, stands for L ifesaving I nformation f or E mergenci...

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Make the Most  1

Four Tips for Making Time for Family Time

Posted by Karla Belzer -


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Couple Relationships and Parenting

It seems that lately, my Facebook feed is just blowing up with pictures of babies! I currently have many friends, family and colleagues that are having babies – and I am so excited for them and this amazing time in their lives. This has inspired me to do a little digging in m...

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Supporting Young Children's Writing

Posted by Cara Allen - Parenting

It seems like we pay a lot of attention to encouraging children to read, but what about writing?  Supporting children's writing begins early, even with children who are one year old.  Ideas to encourage those toddlers: Provide non-toxic writing, painting and drawing materials Talk to children as they make marks, describing what you see.  For example:  "You drew a red li...

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“Good Job” is for your dog not your kids

Do you ever hear or read something and then think, "OUCH! I'm guilty of that." Well, what I am about to write about, I am guilty of as a parent. But as the saying goes, once we know better, we can work to do better. So many things in today's world happen instantly. We no longer need to wait for the morning and evening news as it is accessible any time. If we want to hear our favorite so...

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