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child artwork

Art Appreciation for Young Children

Posted by Cara Allen - Parenting

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.  - Pablo Picasso I know what you're thinking!  Isn't Art Appreciation what freshman college students take?  Why should we be considering this for young children?  Art can be fun!  There are two ways to enjoy art.  The most obvious is helping your child to express his creative side.  Y...

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Helping Your Child With Homework

Posted by Karla Belzer - Parenting

Growing up, I struggled with math. Bringing math homework home became a dreaded task. My dad faithfully and dutifully helped me with my math assignments….. but , because it wasn't my strongest subject, and he excelled at it, our homework sessions often ended with both of us frustrated with the content and with each other. Now, with school-age children of my own, helping with home...

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Trick-or-Treat Safety

Posted by Cheri Burcham - Parenting

"Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!" Does anyone remember that little rhyme? My favorite season is Fall and I always look forward to Halloween each year. I love the decorations, the TV specials and scary movies, the costumes...

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The Art of Parenting a Child with Special Abilities

Posted by Susan Sloop - Parenting


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Take time to be more mindful each day

Take time to be more mindful each day. This week I want to talk about how and why we should be a little more mindful in our daily lives. But before I get started with that, here is an interesting fact on the increased popularity of the word mindfulness over the past 3 ½ years. The University of Illinois Family Life Team developed a lesson on mindfulness in late 2012. While rese...

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Family Night In - October

Posted by Cara Allen - Parenting

Fall is here, which may make you think of activities such as football games, field trips, or wiener roasts.  Instead of planning another event out, mark your calendars for a night for "family night in," where you stay home and do an activity as a family.  Some ideas for the beautiful month of October: Make apple "sundaes":  Cut an apple in half and remove the seeds and stem to ma...

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