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Facts for All Ages

More Characteristics of Positive Aging

In the last article I mentioned that optimism, socialization and purpose were just a few of the characteristics proven to improve quality of life. So what are the additional elements that contribute to positive aging? Of course, eati...

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Characteristics of Positive Aging

Everyone is aging, but do you ever wonder why some people seem to age more successfully than others? We all know of some older adults out there that just seem to be more "spry." But this is not always in a physical sense. They might be...

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growth chart

Growth Charts

In my previous job working with families with children under the age of three, parents talked a lot about growth charts. "My child is in the X percentile for height and the X percentile for weight. What does this mean? Should I be concerned?" Of course, the first thing that we did was direct the family back to their doctor with their specific questions, but here is some general education about...

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Too Sick for Daycare?


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Take a Standfor Your Heart

Take a Stand...For Your Heart

Stroll through any store this time of year and you're bound to see the color red, valentine hearts, and love. Hearts are all around us in every shade of pink and red. This February, I'd like to encourage you to show a little love to your heart. The American Heart Association recognizes heart disease awareness and prevention during the month of February through their national Am...

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