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Facts for All Ages

Too Much is Not a Good Thing

While on vacation a few weeks ago, I noticed there were many elementary and middle school aged children present at our resort. I also noticed that many of them had something in common.- their rudeness, lack of manners, and disrespect for others. What was...

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playing together

Play Is The Way

"Child's play" is a phrase that describes something that is very simple to accomplish.  However, child's play is actually increasingly complex tasks that have a large impact on a child's social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.  Infants play by themselves, called "solitary play."  As toddlers, children typically play side by side, with little interaction, an activity...

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Think about keeping your brain strong today and every day in honor of Brain Awareness Week

Think about keeping your brain strong today and every day in honor of Brain Awareness Week Did you know that this week, March 13-19, 2017, is Brain Awareness Week? First, let me tell you what Brain Awareness Week is all about. Brain Awareness Week, the third week in March, is dedicated to promoting public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. Dana A...

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Unscheduled Time: Time to Play and Dream

Is your child forgetful, crabby, or constantly tired? He may be "overscheduled." Would you be surprised to find your child's day is as hectic as your own? People who study young children say that youngsters need time for unstructured activity—what adults sometimes call "free time" or "down time." Why is free time good for children? Health....

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brain health

Brain Health for Kids

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. This is true about brain health… for kids. For the last several years, University of Illinois Extension Family Life educators have been educating citizens throughout Illinois on the importance of brain health. By providing Brain Health series workshops and monthly Wits Fitness brain health exercise classes, educators have worked...

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