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5 cures for cabin fever

5 Cures for Cabin Fever

With much of the state covered in snow and plunging into the deep freeze this week, I thought I'd re-share this blog originally posted in 2016. "Mom, he's touching me." "No, mom, HE's looking at me." "MOOOooooM, tell him to stop touching MEEEEEE." "I'LL STOP touching you when you stop...

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photo of sledding

Winter Fitness

Winter Fitness Now that winter is upon us, it is quite comforting to sit down with a movie, hot chocolate, and your family for some quality time together. Although it is important to do some enjoyable and relaxing activities, it is important to try to incorporate some plans that include physical movement for overall fitness. Even though you may have to be creative in your planning as yo...

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Fighting the Post-Holiday Blues

  The flurry of wrapping paper has settled, the holiday meal leftovers are a memory, decorations are packed away, New Year's resolutions have been made and broken, and family and friends...

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resolve to be good to your brain-1

Resolve to be Good to Your Brain

This time of year, it's seems that we're all making resolutions. Working out more or eating better seem to be popular ones. As we think of our goals for the New Year, it's a common practice to look back on the year past and consider what we would have done better or would have changed. As I take my own mental review, one blaring memory came to mind. As a Family Life Educator, I teach ma...

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