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Family Night In - June

Posted by Cara Allen - Parenting

Family Night In is doing something at home as a family.  It has only one rule - everyone gets to participate and have fun.  So turn off the electronics and give one or more of these ideas a try!

  • Plan an outdoor campout.  Roast hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire or barbecue grill, sing songs, and sleep outside.
  • Have an indoor campout.  Choose one room for your "camp" and bring your sleeping bags or blankets and pillows.  Include storytelling, but don't make it too spooky!
  • Have a "swap" picnic.  Let each family member pack a box in secret with a simple meal for everyone.  Then everyone picks someone else's box and has that as their meal.
  • Play active games together like freeze tag or hide and seek - this means adults too!
  • Make your own instruments and have a concert.  Play the spoons, blow on a bottle, tap on cans or strum rubber bands across a box lid.
  • Take turns drawing pictures with your fingers on the backs of family members.  The person being drawn on has to guess what the picture is.

Remember that simple things are often the most relaxing.  Family members can all appreciate spending some "downtime" together without lists, deadlines, and schedules.

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