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Tips for Summer Boredom

Some things never change. I remember spending summers trying to stay busy but sometimes I simply ran out of ideas. I am certain that at one point or another these three dreaded words were spoken…"I am bored!"

If you have been hearing them lately in your home, here are a few ideas to fight summer boredom.

  • Read a book as a family and discuss it together…even older children love to be read aloud to!
  • Go exploring in your own community. Visit parks or landmarks you pass by every day but do not have the time to stop.
  • Prepare a meal together. This is a great opportunity to teach some practical cooking skills!
  • Work on a puzzle.
  • Do some housework together! It is never too soon to teach your children how to sort laundry!
  • Visit a local nursing home or care center.
  • Work on a scrapbook of summer activities.
  • Create a "summer bucket list" together and use it to plan some of your time.

Remember to the keep activities simple and fun and hang in there! Summer is almost over!!

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