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Holidays and Traditions ~ tis the season

How did it get to be Thanksgiving already?  As we enter this holiday season, I want to take a moment to share some resources for individuals and families to hopefully help you have a more enjoyable less stressful holiday season with friends and family.
  • First, let's remember the importance of traditions. Traditions have a significant meaning for those who participate.  But sometimes, families outgrow traditions or we need to bend or change as our families change. Learn more from our colleagues from the University of Wisconsin Extension.
  • The holidays often present a time for storytelling when we are gathered with family and friends. Research shows that storytelling benefits both young children and teens. Learn more from our colleagues from University of Wisconsin Extension.
  • For those of you who plan to spend time with extended family over the holidays, remember that it can get complicated but do your best to do what is right.
  • The holidays can often be hard on little kids when their schedules get off or they are all about themselves.  Our colleagues at Penn State & Michigan have some helpful advice for helping kids through the holidays.
Hopefully you were able to tap into an Extension resource that will help you focus on the traditions that hold meaning for you and your family as well as prepare or make plans for things that you could potentially encounter.
Behold the Beauty of the Season!

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