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Winter Fitness

Winter Fitness

Now that winter is upon us, it is quite comforting to sit down with a movie, hot chocolate, and your family for some quality time together. Although it is important to do some enjoyable and relaxing activities, it is important to try to incorporate some plans that include physical movement for overall fitness. Even though you may have to be creative in your planning as you schedule around the changing weather, keeping active can give you a boost of energy that will help your body.

  1. Take a sightseeing, nature walk, even in the snow. Just make sure that your family has bundled themselves up to protect themselves from the winter cold. Discussing nature and observing what you see along the way can be a great way to encourage family togetherness and communication. Playing "I SPY" can be a way to keep the fun into the discussions.
  2. Ride a snow sled; if you have not been sledding for a while, you might find yourself laughing by the experience. This is a great time to set concerns aside for just a bit and HAVE FUN with your family! Don't forget to engage in a snowball fight to keep your heart pumping and your legs moving!
  3. Build a snowman. The next time your child may ask if he/she can go outside to play, surprise him/her and join in by building a snowman or making snow angels.
  4. Plan meals that involve the whole family participating, such ask making pizza or tacos. Sometimes it may take some coaxing, but it is worth it to help the family get into habits of working together, especially for being praised for doing such a good job! This is a great opportunity to include discussions as to why it is important to have the food groups represented in the meals. Even the cleanup can be a positive way for families to finish tasks together.
  5. Schedule regular family dinners that include the family sitting together at the table. Often it is hard to have a healthy meal when operating in a fast pace world. You can help model the importance of eating right and having family togetherness.
  6. Schedule a game night. Turn off the television and bring out the board games or card games which can keep the adrenaline flowing, especially if you are playing a game like that includes family interactions and fun.

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