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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Posted by Cara Allen - Parenting

"I'm exhausted because my baby doesn't sleep through the night."  "I don't think my 3 year old is EVER going to be potty-trained."  "If my 2 year old doesn't start eating something besides macaroni and cheese, I'm going to throw his plate out the window."  "I can't get my baby to sleep - he must not like me." 

Sound familiar?  These and other situations like them have been identified as putting children at high risk for child abuse.  Parents and other caregivers may not know what to expect from their child, or may not know who to turn to for help when they are feeling at their wits' end. 

Research shows that when parents possess six protective factors, the risk for neglect and abuse diminish.  The six protective factors are:
     Nurturing and attachment
     Knowledge of parenting and of child and youth development
     Parental resilience
     Social connections
     Concrete supports for parents
     Social and emotional developmental well-being

Please join the Family Life Team at this blog through the month of April as we provide information on a wide range of common challenging developmental stages that parents face with young children.  The posts will be taken from the award-winning series Your Young Child. 

For more information about programming for parents and professionals who work with parents, please contact Cara Allen at or at 309-837-3939

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