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Dealing with Leaf Diseases

Posted by Kari Houle - Articles

I've been receiving a lot of calls lately about trees and diseases in the last few weeks. Calls or emails usually include the statement of what's going on and how do I stop it and fix it. The first thing to remember with foliar diseases – by the time you see a problem – the leaves were infected long before that time. For example, trees that show signs of Anthracnose, were infected in the spring...

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Dealing with Deer

If you are like me, you may enjoy the sight of deer browsing in the forest. They are fascinating creatures to observe and one of the largest wild animal in Illinois. My interest in watching deer waned one morning last week when upon opening the drapes to the backyard I found myself nose to nose with a doe browsing on the hostas near the air conditioner. Our surprised staring contest broke when...

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Upcoming Mosquito Management Workshop Teaches Participants to ‘Avoid the Bite’

Let it be known that in my family I hold the record for number of mosquito bites at one time. While on a vacation in the coastal swamps of Georgia (yes I said 'vacation'), I racked up over 100 mosquito bites. So what makes a person more attractive to mosquitoes than others? Here are a few things that mosquitoes find very tempting: Carbon dioxide- Yes every time you exhale...

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