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Don't Move Firewood

In mid-October, I walked around marveling at the outstanding color of one of our earliest trees to exhibit excellent fall color, the ash ( Fraxinus spp. ) And I realized, for many homeowners, this might be the last time they can enjoy the spectacular fall display of an ash tree. What I am referring to is the loss of our native ash trees to the emerald ash borer (EAB). For some, t...

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What is the Best Maple Tree?

"Which maple should I plant?" is a question I routinely encounter. My response, "None!" Maples ( Acer spp .) aren't bad trees. In fact, they are great trees. Drive down most streets and you will see a maple in everyone's yard. Speaking with landscapers about their inventory and what they sell more than any other species are maples. We love maple trees. The characteristics...

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How Trees Get Their Fall Colors

Posted by Kari Houle - Articles

It feels like just yesterday summer showed up and now its fall and October is here and is leaving me wondering just where has 2016 gone? Cooler days means it's easier to work in the yard and of course being outdoors means we can enjoy the gorgeous colors of fall. How plants get their fall coloring is quite interesting. The green you see in tree leaves comes from chlorophyll. Throughout...

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