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A happy Murphy dog: Nature brings out the best in everyone!

Walk the Dog: Getting outside relieves holiday stress

The day was cold, cloudy and a thick mist hung in the air that coated me immediately upon emerging from my home. Before plodding outside to face the dreary day, my wife and I were discussing holiday plans, gifts, meals, and all the other details that come with this time of year. Over an hour of shopping online, left me in a state of exasperation and stress. I looked over at our ten-year-old dog...

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Garden Planning and Spring Dreaming

Posted by Kari Houle - Articles

There are times when trying to figure out what to write every other week can be a challenge. Then you wake up and its 5 degrees out and you immediately begin to think to warmer weather and next year's growing season. That of course led me to thinking about seed starting. One of my favorite things about the gardening season is starting my own vegetable plants from seed, but as usual my e...

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