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Monarch Butterfly Status 2019

Monarch Spring Migration 2019 & I-Pollinate Citizen Science Initiative

Spring is a herald of life. Grass flushes green, buds on trees swell with optimism, vegetables ready for planting in the garden emerge from basements crowded in flats. Spring also brings speculation. What will we encounter this growing season? What do the climatologists predict? Are all the Japanese beetles dead? However, the news that I wait for every spring are updates on the status o...

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a few Spring Garden Tasks

A Few Spring Garden Tasks

Posted by Ken Johnson - Articles

The weather is starting to warm up and the spring peepers are singing . There are going to be a lot of things to do out in the garden here soon. Here are just a few things to consider doing....

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When is the Best Time of Year to Plant Trees?

"Spring is better!" "No, fall is better!" "No, spring is better!" "Fall is better!" What you are reading is the debate between two gardeners about when to plants trees. Here's the secret, they're both right and a little wrong, at least here in Illinois. After a long, cold, and snow-laden winter, many of us gardener's are eyeing a particular spot. A spot that could use a tree. Fo...

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Seed Starting

Posted by Ken Johnson - Articles

As spring creeps closer and closer many of us are starting to get the itch to go outside and start digging in the dirt. While it's still too early to do that, it is time to start thinking about starting seeds indoors. If you've never started your own seeds before, there are several advantages to doing so. When starting seeds indoors you tend to get better germination rates when compared...

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