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Naturalist Notebook

Reviews and journal entries inspired by nature in West Central Illinois.

The Wild Things Conference

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Wild Things Conference at the University of Illinois Chicago. The event happened to fall on one of those rare winter days that fooled everyone into believing it was spring. Warm, sunny and with crystal clear air, Chicago was at it's finest. The mood of the day was friendly all around the city and at the conference. The crowd was impr...

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Just A Walk

Posted by Amanda Christenson - Poem

  It was a winter warm night So I zipped into my Carhart coat And pulled my Peruvian hat Down over my ears. Not one small sliver of moon Lit my solitary journey Down a trail my boots Knew by heart. Perhaps late for city concrete The ominous silhouettes Belong to bear-sized cedars Planted by birds. The only real...

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