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Naturalist Notebook

Reviews and journal entries inspired by nature in West Central Illinois.
Dont Forget to Look Up

Don't Forget to Look Up!

Most of the time, while doing my daily walks, I will be observing things from my height and perspective which is pretty close to the ground. However, many surprises have occurred to me over the last year because I have on occasion – looked up! Each day I have my binoculars handy in case I hear or see something that is unfamiliar. Always on the lookout for a glimpse of the wildlife. Ofte...

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Posted by Amanda Christenson - Poem

Stepping out of my street clothes Into the not quite warm enough water Of the frog people who sang of desire In the unique way of their kin.   The Chorus Frogs The Bull Frogs The Leopard Frogs The Green Frogs   Others competing for the attention Of a lady, perhaps seen, perhaps not. The persistent so...

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The Sounds of Nature

When we think of the outdoors and the sounds we hear around us, the first thing that usually comes to mind are the birds and their songs. Of course, we delight in hearing these wonderful songs. However, there is much more out there to hear and learn about. Over the course of time, I have become familiar with some of these other sounds and the habits of the creatures that create them. Ta...

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