Henderson County 4-H

Henderson County 4-H

4-H Achievement Awards & Applications

  • Club Banner Display Record Sheet PDF
    Keep track of where and when your club banner is displayed to receive a cash award for your club.

  • Excel Level Recognition for Clubs PDF
    Any club enrolled with their local Extension Office by August 1 of the calendar year in which they are submitting an application is eligible to apply. The application should reflect the involvement of club members and leaders working together as a team toward the accomplishment of a common goal. The activities and projects must relate to the specific award category and must be completed from September 1 of the previous year to August 31 of the year in which the application is being completed.

  • Individual Experience Application PDF
    This award application is for 4-H members to record their experiences during the past 4-H program year (September 1 through August 31). There are 4 dimensions of experience participation: community service, leadership and project learning as well as 5 award levels. Due to your local county Extension office.

  • Overview for Club Recognition PDF
    This is a guide to the new Illinois 4-H Recognition Program for members.

  • Overview of Recognition for Individuals PDF
    This is a guide to the new Illinois 4-H Recognition Program for members.

  • State 4-H Key Award Application PDF
    This award recognizes youth who have demonstrated excellence in leadership and a strong focus on community service and mentoring. Open to youth who are 16 to 18-year-olds by September 1, 2016. Winner will receive a plaque and state recognition. Awarded once in a 4-H member’s career.