Henderson County 4-H

Henderson County 4-H


Livestock records, ownership dates, Quality Assurance & Ethics, and PQA training information can be found here.
  • Henderson County Livestock and Animal Ownership dates PDF
    Ownership requirements for exhibition at the Henderson County Fair. For birth date requirements see the "Livestock and Animal Requirements for Illinois State Fair".

  • Illinois 4-H Livestock Record PDF

  • Livestock E-Z Quiz
    An interactive quiz with Jr and Sr questions about livestock. If you would like information about Henderson County Livestock Judging Contests or Horse Judging Contests, contact our office or email karen3@uiuc.edu

  • Quality Assurance & Ethics Certification
    MANDATORY for ALL livestock and animal project members in Dog, Cat, Horse, Beef, Sheep, Swine, Dairy, Goat, Rabbit, Poultry. These project members must complete QA&E Certification via this site one time during their 4-H career. Those that have completed it in the past will be grandfathered in. Completion REQUIRED before May 1.