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Knox County 4-H

Knox County 4-H

4-H Robotics

  • 12/2017 - December PDF
    Let the Games begin 4-H (FIRST) robotics groups are off and running in the month of December 2017 FLL This year Knox County had two 4-H FLL robotic teams, RoboStorm and 4-H Lightning Bots. On Saturday December 9, 2017 the Bradley University Renaissance Coliseum is hosting the FIRST LEGO League held the Central Illinois regional competition. The theme this year is called Hydro Dynamics. Both team has been working hard in all four of their competition areas, Core values, Robot Design, Robot performance or the table run and the Project. These teams have been working very hard since late August in preparation for this competition. The youth in this program are between 4-8 grades and have attended practices at the First Presbyterian church of Knoxville and in the conference at the Knox County Argri center. So we also would like to wish these teams good luck and most important of all have all have Fun. FTC The 4-H FIRST Tech Challenge has a new name. Formerly the Techno Bullets are now the Binary Bullets due to the fact their team number is 10101. This fifteen member team opens its season on November 18th at Orion IL. The meet was an Illinois and Iowa competition. The Binary Bullets had a lot of positive feedback on their presentation and engineering note book from the judges. But on that day the Binary Bullet had perfect execution in the field competition and won every match against their Illinois competitors. Then the team square off against Iowa in a state to state competition and also prevailed with a score of 157 Iowa and Illinois 175. The Binary Bullets are ranked # 1 in the State of Illinois after their first contest. The second competition is being held, right here in Knox County. This is the first of its kind of a robotic competition at the Knoxville high school, on December 17, 2017, 8:00am. FRC The Techno Ferrets will receive it challenge on January 6, 2018. The team meet at Knox College Sharvey G. Umbeck, Science and Mathematics building as their training site. This program is for high school freshman to senior. The group is anxiously awaiting the start of their season. To start the building of their robot within a high intense 6 week build period. Good luck to all of our Robotic 4-H (FIRST) teams and coaches.

  • FIRST Robotics PDF
    Robotics is the fastest growing program area in 4-H. Knox County 4-H has three facets of FIRST robotic, FIRST is an acornmy which means For, Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technlogy. For youth ages 9-14 and or grade equivalent of 4th – 8th . 4-H robotics offers the FLL or the FIRST LEGO League. Here, youth work together as a team in groups no more than 10 members. The youth will be put to task with a challenge that the FIRST program releases in the fall . The challenge will consist of a theme, which will have a global issue or problem, and the will need to come up with solution.Which is the project the team has to 5 minutes to present to judges. 4-H members will build and design a robot from LEGO’s. Then program it to run atomously be using the LEGO Mind storm Labview program. This is know as the table runs, here is where teams will have two and a half minutes to complete in a challenge that consist of moving pieces on a 8’’ by 4” robotic table. Team will have four attempts at this and they keep the highest score of the four runs. The Robot design is where the team design and build that is suitable for the challenge. In this area the youth show case there sense of creative and engineering. Finally the last area which is regarded as the most important of them all the “Core value”. This is the team work element. Through out the season team members are , brain storming and pooling ideas in all areas the presence of cooperation is essential. Location for the Knox County FIRST LEGO League will be announced.