Knox County 4-H

Knox County 4-H

Rabbit Showmanship

A.R.B.A. Showmanship Standard

Scoring: Participants will start with a clean slate and be awarded points, not deducted points, for their abilities and knowledge.

Contestant's Appearance: Appearance or attire worn by the participant will not be weighed more than 10% of the total possible points allocated for the contest. In contests that require official uniforms, improper attire may result in the contestant's disqualification from winning any awards. In these contests appearance points should be relegated to the Physical Examination.

Animal Quality: Appearance or quality of the animal used in showmanship will not be weighted more than 10% of the total possible points allocated for the contest.

Knowledge base: Verbal knowledge conveyed to the showmanship judge either through answering direct questions or during the course of the physical examination of the animal will not be weighted more than 20% of the total possible points allocated for the contest.

1.) What to know:

a.) Origin

i.) When and from where the breed you are showing was introduced to the USA

ii.) What was it's original use

iii.) What are common uses today

b.) Anatomy

i.) Know the parts of the animal

ii.) Be able to identify and name as many parts as possible

c.) Confirmation

i.) Know what the breed and variety you are showing should look like

ii.) Know ARBA body types

iii.) Know the Standard of Perfection for the breed

iv.) Know any specific characteristics for the breed

d.) Health and Diseases

i.) Know common diseases, parasites and health concerns for your animal

ii.) Know the normal gestation period for your animal

iii.) Know something about basic first aid for your animal

e.) Terminology

i.) Know basic terms used concerning your animal

ii.) Know specific terms used concerning the breed or variety for your animal

iii.) Know terms used during and concerning the exhibition or showing of your animal

f.) Your showmanship Animal

i.) Know about the individual animal used in the showmanship contest, its breed, variety, age, gender, registration variety, etc.

ii.) Know any exhibition faults your animal may have

iii.) Know any exhibition disqualifications your animal may have

H.) Physical Examination: the ability to correctly control, handle, pose, properly evaluate the animal and to convey the reasons and purpose for what and why the contestant does with the animal will be weighted a minimum of 60% of the total possible points allocated for the contest. This examination process should be based on ARBA standard of perfection's photo articles Handling and Examination During Judging (for rabbits). The contestant should demonstrate an economy of movements, awareness of the animal and a thoroughness of the evaluation without stress. The contestant is doing the evaluation. They are not showing the animal to the showmanship judge. The judge is an observer to and evaluator of the process demonstrated by the contestant.

Here is the address to order a Standards of perfection book for 2006-2010. These books allow you to know the requirements for a good show quality rabbit in your breed. The book is $15. If you do not want to make the investment please call the office for a contact number of someone who has the book.