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Amanda Christenson
Program Coordinator, Hort
University of Illinois Extension
180 S Soangetaha Rd, Ste 108
Galesburg, IL 61401-5595
Phone: 3093425108
FAX: 309-342-1768

Christopher Enroth
Extension Educator, Horticulture
University of Illinois Extension
3022 W Jackson
Macomb, IL 61455
Phone: 309-837-3939
FAX: 309-833-3019

Master Naturalist

Master Naturalist

Master Naturalist Project Board

      Galesburg Tree USA

  • This project is in partnership with the City of Galesburg Arborist, Ryan Creek. We have a number of packets with a corresponding map that detail the last Tree USA Census in 2014. Our job is to go through the packets, street by street, double checking to see if those trees are still around, removed, dead, or if there are new trees that fall within the public right of way.

Blackthorn Hills Nature Preserve (WINGs)

  • The mission of Western Illinois Nature Group is to support Blackthorn Hill Nature Preserve and to provide outdoor experiences to the public for education and appreciation of nature.
  • Find out more about this organization at
  • Monthly invasive plant removal workdays at Blackthorn Hill are the 1st and 3rd Thursdays 8:30-10  

Monarch Migration Festival Committee

  • Serve on this committee and volunteer for the annual festival.

Planning and Education Committee

  • For anything from event planning to research, this committee will aim to bring volunteers together to discover and extend university knowledge.

Citizen Science Crew

  • Participate in bird and butterfly counts or find a new citizen science project, the possibilities are endless!

Journal Entry

  • Visiting a nature preserve or state park? Write a reflection and earn hours! We'd like to compile observations and reviews of our natural areas and share the knowledge for a greater understanding of these sites.

Brochure Committee

  • Knox Master Gardeners have a great thing going with their brochure committee. They could use some input from Naturalists on some of their research topics. Join them on Fridays and help create valuable educational material for the public.

Lakeside Nature Center Stewards

  • Help take care of the native demonstration plot and watch out for invaders in the new Pheasants Forever plot too.

Pollinator Plot Management

  • Adopt an existing Monarch Waystation or start your own!
  • Contact Amanda to find a waystation or pollinator plot near you.