Warren County 4-H

Warren County 4-H

Warren County 4-H Fair

Fair entries are completed online at https://warren4-hfair.fairentry.com. Please contact the office with any questions or concerns. 


June 11  4-H Fair Entries due to the Extension Office

June 22  Food Demonstrations-McDonough County 4-H Center

June 26  General Project Show-American Legion

July 17   Set up-Warren County Fair Grounds

July 17   Cat & Dog Care-Roseville Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

July 18   Poultry, Rabbit & Goat Show

July 19   Swine, Sheep & Beef Show

July 24   Dog Obedience Show-Henderson County Fairgrounds

July 21   Horse Show-Henderson County Fairgrounds

Aug 10   General Project Show at State Fair

Refer to the 2018 4-H Fair Book for rules and requirements, show times, and other important class information.

  • 2018 4-H Fair Book PDF
    Tax Implications for Prizes, Gifts or Awards: Program Participants (including minors) will be required to provide their social security number or foreign national tax ID number prior to receiving a prize, gift or award to ensure proper IRS reporting as required by law. This sensitive information is kept confidential and handled through security protected software (PEAR). Participants will not be eligible for prize, gift or award if social security or foreign national tax ID information is not provided.

  • 2018 4-H General Project Show Schedule PDF

  • 2018 4-H Livestock Show Schedule PDF

  • 2018 Absentee Excuse Form Word
    This form is due to the Extension Office by 4:30 P.M. on Monday, June 18, 2018 if the exhibitor will not be present for judging of their exhibit at the General Project Show. Exhibitor, parent/guardian and the exhibitor's 4-H leader must sign this form.

  • 2018 Absentee Exhibitor Form Word
    Exhibitors unable to attend the 4-H General Project Show will need to attach THIS form to each project he/she is exhibiting. An excuse form must be on file at the Extension Office by June 18, 2018.

  • 2018 Absentee Rules PDF
    Occasionally an exhibitor cannot attend the 4-H General Project Show but may want to exhibit their project. Read these rules to find out how you can still exhibit your project.

  • 2018 Sheep and Goat Weigh-In Locations PDF

  • 4-H Conference Judging - Leaders/Parents PDF
    A message to leaders and parents.

  • 4-H Conference Judging - Members PDF
    A message to 4-H members.

  • Premium Disclaimer
    "The Department of Agriculture shall use its best efforts to secure sufficient appropriations to fund premiums. In any year for which the General Assembly of the State of Illinois fails to make an appropriation sufficient to pay such premiums, premium amounts may not be accurately reflected in this Fair Book."