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redbuds and red lentils

Redbuds and Red Lentils

Spring is a great time of year and gives us the opportunity to enjoy its aesthetics- through sight AND taste. Many plants, herbs, shrubs and trees have edible flowers. One of the prettiest trees currently in bloom is the Redbud. I can't tell you how many of them I pass on my way to work every morning. Their attractive hue not only attracts pollinators but also the human eye. These bright purple...

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garden month

Dig In! to National Garden Month

35% of households in America (42 million) are growing food at home or in a community garden, up 17% since 2008. - National Gardening Association April is National Garden Month and the perfect time to kick off the gro...

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Get Back into the Swing of Spring

It was a long winter and many of us may be experiencing some lingering weight gain from the holidays or others may have made some resolutions that didn't pan out but there's no reason to despair! Spring is a time of renewal and the perfect time to revive yourself and your overall well-being. Here are 5 easy ways to live light and travel light as you get back into the swing of spring....

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