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oatmeal recipes

Make the Most of Your Oats

Oats can be found in many cultural dishes such as Scotland's haggis and Muesli from the Swiss. Oats have been a popular addition to many recipes and a staple food source for centuries (printable recipes below). Oats are an extremely versatile whole grain and can be added to many recipes from breakfast to beverages. Here are some of my favorite applications for oats: As oa...

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fruit and veggies 2

September is Fruits and Veggies- More Matters Month

With cooler temps moving in I have been itching to make pumpkin everything, homemade breads, soups and apple cider doughnuts. I love all of the fall flavors and visiting my local farmers' market to pick out seasonal produce to experiment with. I was at the market last weekend and bought some squash, mums, leeks and potatoes. You might be surprised by what you find, I always find something new t...

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med food in may

Go Med this May

Dietary patterns can help predict health later in life. Instead of saying 'diet' I like to use the term 'eating pattern' which refers to the quantities, proportions, variety or combinations of different foods and beverages that are habitually consumed over a long period of time. The Mediterranean eating pattern is associated with a lower incidence of mortality from all...

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green  the color of spring

Have You Had Your Green Today?

Green is the color of spring, rebirth, renewal and represents balance and growth. If you're eating with the seasons it's time to focus on the green and restore your energy levels. Greens are in season! Spring is peak season so pick some up at your local market or grocer. You can even grow some yourself in a matter of weeks. Leafy greens are versatile an...

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whole grain lineup

Whole Grains for the Holidays

How many whole grain foods do you get during the holiday season? The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends eating 6 ounces of grain foods daily and getting at least half or 3 ounces of that grain intake from 100% whole grains. Examples of 1-ounce servings of whole grains would be: 1 slice whole-grain bread (such as 100% whole-wheat br...

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apple kraut

DIY Sauerkraut

In honor of Bratwurst Day, I thought I would share some steps on how to make sauerkraut successfully at home to accompany your cookout fare. I recently did a class at the German-American Heritage Center on this very topic and my sauerkraut recipes were a big hit. You can download these recipes at the link below! The first thing you should know is that sauerkraut is a product of ferm...

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herb class infused salts

Herbs: From Garden to Kitchen

July is perhaps my favorite month. I love the summer heat, the cookouts, festivals, fireworks and all of the fresh food from the garden. It's also my birthday month so...what's not to love?! My herbs are in full force right now and it's a great time to maximize their use in the kitchen. I like to experiment with new recipes and other food related projects to get the most out of my herbs...

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Summer-y Scones

Summer-y Scones

Yesterday, I had the day off of work so I decided to plant myself in the kitchen to use up some of the freshly-picked blueberries I gathered at a local U-Pick Farm. I had 3 quarts of berries so I had to find something yummy to do with them! I love the delicious berries that summer brings with it and the time spent harvesting to support our local farmers. I alwa...

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eggs benedict
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How-to: Baked Eggs Benedict

April 16 th has been declared as National Eggs Benedict Day. The secret to making this breakfast just right is making a perfect poached egg. There is a little skill involved so I will tell you how to make a flawless poached egg in the directions below. Don't forget the hollandaise sauce! I will show you how to make a simple variety with less fat and sodium. Baked Eggs...

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apple cider doughnuts canva

Recipe Rescue: Apple Cider Doughnuts

Every autumn I look forward to some freshly made apple cider doughnuts in addition to visiting my local apple orchard. This year I thought it would be fun to make my own from scratch so I could be in control of how they were made. I wanted a baked doughnut rather than a fried one to cut down on calories and fat. This recipe is super easy to make and it takes very little time. You just need a do...

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PSL canva

Recipe Rescue: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Hello fall and hello pumpkin spice lattes! Do you love fall flavors in your morning cup o' joe but hate spending the money?? Well, you're in the right place! Instead of driving to the coffee shop, waiting in line, and spending more than necessary…you can make your own pumpkin spice latte (PSL) quickly at home for only $1 and half the calories, fat and sugar! Since...

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20160908 153816
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Let's Get Steamy!

I went out and purchased a steam canner last week to see how it compared to the boiling water canner which I've been using for years. I had a lot of peppers in my garden so I decided to make a pepper jelly recipe from the So Easy to Preserve book. Using the steam canner was a great experience. It was so easy to use and I really like how light-weight it is! The boiling water canner is quit...

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herbs collage

Its Thyme to Preserve those Herbs!

With summer coming to an end, it's a good idea to dedicate some time to preserving your garden's bounty whether its canning tomatoes, freezing green beans or drying herbs. I didn't intend on having a large garden this summer but I did want to grow enough to eat and also some to preserve for later. With all of the tomatoes I grew, my boyfriend and I had some fun over the weekend juicing and free...

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Warm Summer, Cold Coffee

There's nothing like an iced coffee on a hot summer's day! It's even better with the windows down and the music turned up. I've been getting a lot of use out of my cold-brew coffee maker (thank you wonderful boyfriend of mine!) and have been experimenting with different flavor combinations. There's a lot to love about cold-brews. Here's a few: 1. Cold-brews are...

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20160315 114814

Dyeing Eggs with Natural Pigments

Dyeing with plant-based pigments is a fun way to add more color to your life, naturally. You can use vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices; many of which you probably already have in your kitchen or backyard. In today's post you will learn how t...

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LOGO IYP-en-high-square

2016, Year of the Pulse

…Not your heartbeat. "Pulse" is a term describing the edible seeds of several leguminous plants, such as dry beans, dry peas, lentils and chickpeas. The United Nations declared 2016 the International Year of the Pulses which brings awareness to their health benefits and value as sustainable sources of protein. These seed plants have been...

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guiltless eggnog

Recipe Rescue: Homemade Eggnog

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is all of the yummy drinks such as eggnog, pumpkin beer and hot wassail. We all know that these drinks tend to me high in calories which can really add up since they go down so smooth! So how can we indulge in some holiday cheer without feeling guilty? By making a few minor adjustments we can save ourselves hundreds of calories which we can put to...

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from bland to umami

Umami Like!

Last weekend I was in Chicago and came across a restaurant called Umami Burger. This jogged my memory back to my college days when I was learning about food and nutrition. I always liked the word umami because it conjured feelings of something savory and extra yummy. A Little on Umami We all know about the 4 tastes that are detected by receptors on the tongue– s...

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healthy energy options

6 Healthy Energy-Boosting Options

Last week I shared some of the not-so-healthy ingredients that are commonly found in popular energy drinks and shots that could have negative side effects and drug interactions. Since these are marketed as "herbal supplements" they are not regulated by the FDA which means they may not contain what the label says they contain or in the quantities stated on the label. Read more about this...

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golden kraut

Golden Kraut: Step-by-Step

Do you like the bold flavors of garlic and ginger and want to reap the benefits of a natural probiotic food source? If so, this golden sauerkraut recipe is just for you. Making sauerkraut at home may seem a little daunting but to be honest waiting the 4 weeks for it to finish fermenting will be your biggest feat. The best part about his recipe is that I experi...

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herbal jelly

Herbal Jelly

One reason I love July is the abundance of herbs growing in my garden.They are beautiful additions to the landscape and they smell wonderful when you brush past them. My favorite thing to do is incorporate them into new and old recipes alike. I like to enhance my meals with a fresh and earthy quality only herbs can provide. If you like herbs and homemade will fall in love w...

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Tart Cherry Ice Canva

Tart Cherry Ice

Foraging for local berries is a fun and rewarding activity. The best part is that you get to make some yummy desserts afterward. Unfortunately, I can only take so much pie and cobbler before I never want to see it again. Now that summer is here, I'd rather opt for something a little more light and refreshing and less heavy on the stomach. I decided to try out a shaved ice recipe using t...

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rhubarb bbq steps

DIY: Rhubarb BBQ Sauce

Rhubarb is good for more than just pie! This homemade barbecue sauce, a.k.a. Victoria Sauce, is a delicious accompaniment to any kind of meat that you want to grill, bake, or broil. It's extremely easy to make and you'll be surprised at its depth and complexity. This is no ordinary bbq sauce. If you like it hot, feel free to add a couple habanero peppers. These will complement the sweet...

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chive blossoms

Flowers in the Kitchen: Chive Blossoms

Finally! My chive plants are in bloom…something I've been waiting on for almost a year now. The purple flowers you see are edible and can be enjoyed just like the green parts. Now is the time to prune them back a bit and get to cooking! Don't have chive plants at home? Ask a neighbor if you can borrow some of theirs.☺ The great thing about chives is that they will keep producin...

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redbuds and red lentils

Redbuds and Red Lentils

Spring is a great time of year and gives us the opportunity to enjoy its aesthetics- through sight AND taste. Many plants, herbs, shrubs and trees have edible flowers. One of the prettiest trees currently in bloom is the Redbud. I can't tell you how many of them I pass on my way to work every morning. Their attractive hue not only attracts pollinators but also the human eye. These bright purple...

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