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foodie gift ideas

5 Foodie Gifts that Keep Giving

Posted by Kristin Bogdonas - DIY

CSA Subscription

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great way to support your local food system and is becoming a popular way to get seasonal food directly from the farmer. When you buy a CSA subscription, which is typically 3-6 months, you are buying a "share" and in return receive a box/bag of produce/farm product each week. Items are not limited to produce! You can find CSAs that provide eggs, meat, fresh bread, cheese, fruit, flowers and more.

Check out Local Harvest to learn more about CSAs and to find them in your area.

Air Fryers

This product debuted back in 2010 but I only recently learned about the health benefits that this product produces. For people that love the taste of fried foods but want to cut back on saturated fat in their diets...the air fryer is just what you need. By circulating hot air around a grill component, you can cook multiple items at once without crossing flavors. Consumer reviews indicate that taste, texture, color and appearance are equivalent to foods that have been deep fried. However, the best part is you will be consuming 70-80% less saturated fat! So now you can enjoy your fried foods without all the guilt.

Cheese and Kombucha Kits

For those that like DIY projects, try one of these for a fun night-in with family and friends. Some cheese, like mozzarella, can be made in 30 minutes so you can enjoy it with dinner the same night. True, you can buy these cheeses in the store but it's more gratifying knowing you made it from scratch. The same goes for Kombucha. It's fun to make and you can create interesting flavors easily at home.

Cold-Brew Coffee Makers

You can't go wrong with coffee gifts this time of year and there are so many varieties to choose from! If you want to give a gift that keeps giving, pick up a cold-brew coffee maker which is great to use all year through. You simply add coarse-ground coffee to filtered water and let sit for 12-24 hours. After the coffee concentrate is filtered, you can add it to hot/cold water for an Americano, hot/cold milk for a latte and for desserts like the classic tiramisu. The best part is you'll be consuming 60% less acidity than the drip version. I got one last year and I couldn't be happier with it. You can also use it to make tea.

Bamboo Cutting Boards

Bamboo is both durable and naturally beautiful. It is an eco-friendly choice and is non-porous which means it is more resistant to bacteria than other wooden boards. From fun shapes, to marbled and engraved designs, there are many styles to choose from. To keep your boards looking beautifully burnished condition once a month with mineral oil. You can also find many other kitchen tools made from bamboo to complete the look.

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