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That's Smart! Staying Safe at Work

June is National Safety Month so I wanted to share some helpful information about "work safety". Whether you have a desk job or a construction job there are many things you can do to improve your health and safety at work. Below are several links that demonstrate healthy work environments and practices. Click on a link to learn more.

Stress can impact your quality of work and set you up for illness or injuries. While some stress may be beneficial, chronic stress (long-term) is not. For this reason, take some short breaks during your workday (every hour if possible) to take a deep breath, stretch, walk or relieve your eyes from computer strain. The link below is a great resource for various exercises related to the eyes, wrists, hands, neck and back.

Easy Exercises and Stretches to do at Work

More 5-Minute Break Ideas

How does your workstation stack up? Whether you have a sitting or standing desk, it is helpful to understand the concept of neutral body positioning which reduces stress and strain on your muscles and skeletal system. If you're not sure how your workstation stacks up, use this checklist to analyze the different components of your environment and change your working position frequently throughout the day with the tips provided.

Evaluate Your Workstation with this Checklist

Ergonomics of the Computer Workstation

All types of jobs-even desk jobs- can lead to injuries. Even though 30 may not seem "old" those who reach this age are now at a higher risk of hurting the back muscles when lifting heavy objects due to past injuries and less flexible muscles and ligaments in general. For this reason, it is imperative to follow these safe lifting techniques and ask for help when the object is too heavy or awkward.

Tips on Safe Lifting Techniques

Are You a Distracted Driver? Many workers in various occupations spend part of their day behind the wheel and are often in a hurry, thinking about work or using a cell phone which takes your mind of the primary task: driving safely. If you need help avoiding technology temptation, look into cell phone blocking apps that will prohibit calls or texts while the vehicle is in motion. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Mobile phone use: a growing problem of driver distraction

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