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Extension Educator, Horticulture
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FAX: 309-756-9987

Master Gardeners Henry/Mercer/Rock Island/Stark

Master Gardeners Henry/Mercer/Rock Island/Stark


Here you will find several helpful resources to help you assist with horticultural questions.

Below are several resources that will help you assist with home, yard & garden problems.

Remember to use only trusted websites as references. Those websites ending in .edu and .org are more trustworthy than most .com sites

University of Illinois has several ways to assist you answer questions:

DDDI (Distance Diagnostics through Digital Imaging)

Check with office for login procedures and login information

How to submit great DDDI samples

  • The diagnosis is only as good as the information given. Provide ALL the information you can. Without it we are limited in how we can help you, IF we can help you. If you don't have all the information expect responses such as "we can't ID the problem based on the lack of information".
  • Review the pictures before sending. IF IT IS BLURRY TO YOU…. Guess what …. IT IS BLURRY TO US. Pictures do not magically improve during transmission. If the pictures are bad, out of focus, or do not show a size-comparison such as a legible ruler, a coin or a pencil tip, you'll probably get the message "we can't ID the problem based on the poor quality of the images. Please retake pictures of sample and re-submit."
  • Turn the pictures so they face right at you before sending. DDDI does not allow us to turn the pictures in order to see them correctly.

Ask Hort – only accessible by a staff member.

Use for general horticulture questions. Not for any type of ID or landscape plant recommendation. An example of a general hort question is "How often and when should I fertilize my lawn", or "my soil Ph is 6.8, how can I acidify it for blueberries?"

University of Illinois Plant Clinic

How to submit a Sample

Fee Schedule 2012

Plant Clinic General Sample Form

Hot Topics

Home, Yard & Garden Newsletter

Find out what is currently going on the in the state

Home, Yard & Garden Newsletter Search feature

The problem you are seeing may have been written up in a past issue. Simply type in the main subject and see if anything comes up.

Reports on Plant Disease (RPD's)

If you see an RPD listed in the Home, Yard & Garden Pest Guide, here is where you will find a copy.

Illinois Fruit & Vegetable News

Contains a link to the Illinois Fruit & Vegetable Newsletter PLUS other information sources for fruits and vegetables.

Poisonous Plant Resources

Collection of online resources dealing with poisonous plants.

Other helpful resources:

Extension in other States

Refer questions from other states to their own Extension office. Or see what is going on in other states. Find the office here.

eXtension search engine

A search site, powered by Google that will search other Extension sites. This will limit your search to only Extension resources with an .edu ending

Illinois Arborist Association

Click on "Certified Arborist" link on left for a listing of certified arborists in Illinois. You can then search by county. Always refer tree questions with possible liability issues to a certified arborist. Remember, we cannot show favoritism - please refer to the lists Illinois arborists in our area.

International Society of Arboriculture

Click on "Public Outreach" along upper topic bar. Select "Find a Tree Care Service" on the left. You will have to again click on "Find a Tree Care Service" first paragraph. I suggest you search by postal code. Please select "Show only arborists for hire". There are many arborists but not all are for hire by the public sector. Remember we cannot show favoritism – please refer to this list of certified Arborists in our area.

Illinois Climatology Site

Contains current and past Illinois weather data and information

Emerald Ash Borer Illinois Dept of Agriculture

Illinois Bees

Find out where bee hives are in a given area so if applying pesticide caller can notify beekeepers

Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management

Great site for wildlife management across the MidWest

Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Specifically for Illinois

ASPCA Guide to Pet-Safe Gardening

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has a great website to help answer pet/garden related questions.

Soil testing labs in Illinois

Find out what labs are nearby

Taking Soil Samples

This is a brochure created by University of Illinois Extension Fulton/Mason/Peoria/Tazwell Counties

2012 USDA Hardiness Zone Map

Click on any state to find out what their cold hardiness zones are.

Heat-Zone Map AHS (American Horticulture Society)

Shows the U.S. heat zones. If you want to search by zip code click on

Making Pesticide Applications in School/Community Gardens

2012 Fact sheets – Relevant fact sheets for 2012:

Oak Gall

Stress-related Conifer Dieback

Spruce Problems (Pest and Cultural Issues)