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Martha A. Smith
Extension Educator, Horticulture
University of Illinois Extension
321 W 2nd Avenue
Milan, IL 61264
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FAX: 309-756-9987

Tracy Jo Mulliken
Program Coordinator, Horticulture and Agriculture
University of Illinois Extension
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Milan, IL 61264
Phone: 309-756-9978
FAX: 309-756-9987

Rock Island County Master Gardeners

Rock Island County Master Gardeners

The Master Gardener program is a volunteer educational program offered by University of Illinois Extension. Our program is designed to increase the availability of University-based horticulture information to local communities and individuals through trained Master Gardener volunteers. Master Gardener volunteers work on behalf of and under the supervision of University of Illinois Extension.

The volunteer work is conducted in the local Extension unit and throughout the community on various projects involving parks, schools, gardening, or other city agencies.

  • Certified Master Gardeners are those who have completed their training and internship
  • To remain active, certified Master Gardeners must complete 30 hours of volunteer service and 10 hours of educational training yearly. These are reported to and recorded by Rock Island County Extension.
  • Master Gardeners in Rock Island County have officers, committees, meetings and activities to support their mission.

What does the Master Gardener training program provide?

University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener training program provides 60 hours of classroom instruction in horticultural related areas. The classes will provide trainees with the knowledge needed to become skilled Master Gardeners. After classroom instruction and graduation, trainees become interns.

The interns are required to give 60 hours back to the community within two years to become a certified Master Gardener. When the internship is completed, Master Gardeners participate in community programs and projects that are a good match for their interest and skills. Rock Island County Master Gardeners participate in the following projects:

  • Dig It! Monthly Newsletter
  • In-Touch Horticultural therapy classes
  • Horticulture Lessons to Arrowhead Ranch Students
  • Nursery School: Lessons in Gardening
  • 4-Seasons of Gardening TeleNet Series
  • Master Gardener Training Programs
  • Home Horticulture Spring Series
  • Speaker's Bureau
  • Grounds Force
  • Annual Plant Sale
  • Lawn & Garden Show
  • Horticulture Hot Line
  • Community Horticulture Events
  • Earth Week Fair
  • Rock Island County Fair
  • Home Grown Challenge

The University of Illinois Extension assists agencies, schools, and community groups with:

  • Community gardens, youth gardens, and related horticultural projects/education
  • Youth and school programs as requested
  • Community beautification projects
  • Information on Master Gardener Programs
  • Other horticulture projects
  • If you are a school or agency, or community group and would like our assistance, contact Rock Island County Extension.
  • 2017 Master Gardener Training
    Become a Master Gardener in 2017! Take the training Tuesdays, January 24 - April 4, 9 am - 4 pm at our Henry County office in Galva, IL.