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Solenostemon scutellarioides

Coleus 'Violet Tricolor'
Coleus 'Violet Tricolor'
A large group of plants providing color all season through its foliage. Plants available favor both full sun and shade conditions. Excellent bedding plants and in containers. 
Easily grown in high organic matter soils that retain moisture but are well drained. Soils should be high to average fertility.  

Shade Types

  • ‘Wizard’ Series
  • ‘Kong’ Series
  • ‘Carefree’ Series
  • ‘Chocolate Mint’
  • ‘Trailing Rose’
  • ‘Japanese Giant’
  • ‘Duckfoot’ Series
  • ‘Red Ruffles’

Sun Types

  • ‘Alabama Sunset’
  • ‘Wasabi’
  • ‘Vino’
  • ‘Redhead’
  • ‘Honey Crisp’
  • ‘Henna’
  • ‘Solar’ Series
  • ‘Mint Mocha’    
Mature Height
8 Inches - 2 Feet
Annual Hardiness Type
Tender Annual
Bloom Color
Not of Interest
Bloom Season
Soil Conditions
Moist, Well-Drained
Exposure/Light Requirements
Full Shade
Full Sun
Pests and Problems
Additional Notes
Keep flower spikes removed to maintain short, compact good looking plants.


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