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Begonia sp.

Tuberose Begonia
Tuberose Begonia
An older group of begonias with the newer cultivars becoming more popular for their extraordinary garden and container value. Valuable for their garden performance, excellent flowering and outstanding foliage that compliments the flowers. 
Sun to partial shade. Prefers rich organic soils that are moist and well-drained. 

Wax or Fibrous Rooted Begonias

  • Cocktail Series (bronze foliage)
  • Harmony Series (green foliage)
  • ‘Olympia’ (bronze foliage)
  • Bada Bing Series (bronze foliage)
  • Yin Series (green foliage)
  • Encore Series (green foliage)
  • Whopper Series (extremely large plants (30 inches tall) with very large (3 inch) flowers


Wing Begonias

  • Dragon Wing® Series
  • Baby Wing® Series

Tuberose Begonias

  • Fortune Series
  • Go-Go Series
  • Bliss Series
  • Non Stop Series
  • Illumination Series (trailing type)

Rex Begonias

  • ‘Fireworks’
  • ‘Escargot’
  • ‘Persian Swirl’
  • ‘Good and Plenty’
  • Great American Cities Series

Trailing Begonias

  • ‘Santa Cruz Sunset’
  • Million Kisses Series
  • Bon Bon Series
  • ‘Bonfire’
  • Bellfire’
Mature Height
15-18 Inches
Annual Hardiness Type
Tender Annual
Bloom Color
Bloom Season
May - October
Soil Conditions
Moist, Well-Drained
Exposure/Light Requirements
Partial Sun/Shade
Pests and Problems
Additional Notes
Easy to grow and offering constant bloom for both the garden and container.


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