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Ornamental Grass

Tufted Hairgrass, Tussock Grass
Deschampsia caespitosa

Tufted Hairgrass <em>Deschampsia caespitosa</em>
Tufted Hairgrass Deschampsia caespitosa

Mounds of very fine textured foliage. Flowers appear in late May and change from green to yellow to gold. Flowers are in abundance in light, open, airy panicles.

This is a clump forming cool season grass.

Prefers moist soils in a partial shade site. It does not like to dry out. Full sun discolors foliage. 

'Schottland' 2-3' dark green very fine leaves

'Bronzeschleier' 3' yellow flowers, fine texture

'Goldschleier' 1-2' dark green leaves golden flowers

'Northern Lights' 1' white variegated leaves with a pink blush during cool weather

'Tautraeger' 1-2' dark green fine foliage blue-green flowers

Mature Height
2-3 Feet
USDA Hardiness Zone
4 - 9 
Soil Conditions
Moist, Well-Drained
Exposure/Light Requirements
Partial Sun/Shade
Foliage Color
Pests and Problems

Environmental Damage

Additional pests and problems that may affect this plant:

Does very poor in hot, humid areas. Tends to self seed.

Additional Notes

One of the earliest grasses to bloom in the spring.

A good companion planting with ferns and hostas as it tolerates a fair amount of shade.

Salt tolerant.


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