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Hybrid Bee Delphinium
Delphinium x elatum

Tall stately plant with finely cut foliage. Exceptional specimen plant.  
Moist well-drained soil in full sun location. Heavy feeder needing fertilizer in spring and mid summer.  

Numerous cultivars available. Some include:

  • 'Blue Lace' 5-6 feet all true blue flowers
  • 'Blushing Bride' 4-6 feet tall pink flowers
  • 'Green Twist' 4-6 feet tall light green flowers
  • 'Innocence' 4-6 feet tall white flowers
  • 'Connecticut Yankee Series' 3' mixed colors. Good delphinium for the midwest
  • 'Volkerfrieden' 2-3 feet tall blue flowers
  • 'Bellemosum' 3' compact blue flowers good for the midwest
Mature Height
4-8 Feet
USDA Hardiness Zone
3 - 7 
Bloom Color
Bloom Season
June - July
Soil Conditions
Moist, Well-Drained
Exposure/Light Requirements
Full Sun
Foliage Color
Pests and Problems

Environmental Damage

Fungal Disease

Insect Damage

Insect Relative Damage

Additional pests and problems that may affect this plant:

Crown rot, powdery mildew, pythium, rhizoctonia, leaf miners, aphids, mites, cut worms
Additional Notes

D. x elatum are the most spectacular but also the hardest to grow in the Midwest as it prefers cooler summer conditions for best growth. Tends to be short lived (2-3 years). Don't plant to deep.

D. x belladonna is the delphinium of choice for the Midwest as it does better in the heat and is longer lived. Not as spectacular a bloom however.


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