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Fungal Disease

Coral Bells diseases
Heuchera sp.

3 (1 = rare 5 = annual)
3 (1 = very little damage 5 = plants killed)

Pseudomonas causes "reddish to purplish" brown spots that may cause the leaf to distort.

Xanthomonas causes small brown angular to circular spots with yellow halos.

Anthracnose causes small brown spots.

Botrytis causes large brown spots.

In addition the plant is prone to sun burning when the plant is exposed to too much hot sun. The sun burning causes irregular bleached dead areas on the leaves.

Life Cycle
Heuchera sp. (Coral bells) gets fungal, bacterial leaf diseases and sun burning. Life cycles vary with the problem. See specific problems for more details.

Use your local university Extension recommended organic or inorganic pesticides according to all label directions and precautions. Avoid growing plants in hot, dry sunny locations.

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