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Fungal Disease

Tulip diseases
Tulipa sp.

3 (1 = rare 5 = annual)
3 (1 = very little damage 5 = plants killed)


Brown lesions in the leaves is caused by Botrytis.

Bulbs that look greenish or are soft to mushy have a bulb rot.

If solid colored petal tulips are planted but develop, white to green streaks in the petals, the tulip is infected with a virus.

Life Cycle
Tulipa sp. (Tulip) tend to get Botrytis (the leaf infection is called "tulip fire"), bulb rot and a mosaic-type virus disease.


Fungicides and sanitation are helpful for Botrytis.

Discard rotting or moldy bulbs.

Eradicate virus infected plants.

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