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Greetings from the President

Welcome to the Home Page of the Illinois Extension Agricultural Association.  IEAA is moving forward in 2012, having experienced the Extension reorganization that started in 2010 and began officially in July of 2011.  IEAA continues to have our four districts, geographically divided into the North, South, East and West districts with Senior and Junior Directors.

Educator titles have changed, where our main office is has changed, territorial changes have been assigned, yet through all of this our association and personal goals have not. 

Membership expertise includes Agriculture Educators responsible for family farming operations, large and small, with row crops and livestock all in the mix.  Horticulture Educators working with homeowners and commercial operations, Educators in Natural Resources are also a welcome part of the IEAA family.  All IEAA members are connected all the other new programming areas in a variety of ways. 

Through our state organization and the National Association of County Agriculture Agents, you will find many opportunities to advance your career.  Through the national organization, you will find professional development opportunities in JCEP and PILD.  In IEAA, our spring and fall meetings have a professional development component as well.  Leadership opportunities can be found at the state and national level too.   IEAA and NACAA provide each member with scholarship opportunities.  Illinois has consistently had an excellent record for receiving national and state awards in a number of categories.

IEAA gives you the opportunity to connect not only with Extension Educators in Illinois, but with every educator in your field through NACAA.  Use the link on this page to see where NACAA can take you.

IEAA membership is a great way to be connected to your peers and to develop professionally and personally.  I would encourage you to look at our current membership list and contact a co-worker or myself to learn more about the IEAA. We invite you to visit and be our guest at a district or state event and look forward to your participation on the national level as a member of our organization. Feel free to contact me with questions about IEAA at or any of our Officers or District Directors.

IEAA members have more than the usual audience and subject matter challenges that face us every day, so we must all strive to become a better Extension professional every day as our extension program evolves in Illinois.

Richard Hentschel
Illinois Extension Agricultural Association

 “Become a better Extension professional every day.”