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Nature Detectives

The Nature Detectives curriculum is one of the tracks designed to engage youth in learning about their environment through the I Think Green program. This program includes six activities, with hands-on science inquiry activities that are facilitated by University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists and 4-H volunteers with related subject-matter expertise.

The program is free to all classrooms and afterschool groups that commit to completing AT LEAST 4 activities from the curriculum, and agree to a short post-program evaluation survey.

The Nature Detectives curriculum was designed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and is being delivered through a partnership between Cornell and the University of Illinois Extension.

Activity 1: What's That Habitat?
This activity allows children to explore habitats of living creatures and then allows them to match animals to the different types of habitats on our planet.

Activity 2: Who Lives in Our Habitat?
Children play a Bird Bingo Game outside to observe behaviors of birds and are challenged to think about birds in their local habitat through a "Moving Opinion Poll".

Activity 3: Food Web Tangle
Participants build a food web to show the flow of energy from its source (the sun) through a series of plants and animals.

Activity 4: Create a Bird
Children explore the adaptations and physical characteristics of birds by creating their own bird for a specific habitat.

Activity 5: Build A Bird Feeder
Different birds eat different foods and children can learn their food preferences by creating a feeder and watching the birds who visit.

Activity 6: Bird Survivor
Explore how birds face challenges during their lifecyles- investigate how birds find a mate, make a nest and raise their young.