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The objectives of the I Think Green program include:

  • Develop youth skills in scientific observation
  • Increase youth knowledge of concepts that explain how living things function, adapt, change and interact within the environment
  • Increase youth awareness of the important role that "small things" play in the web of life
  • Increase youth knowledge of the "small things" they can personally do to help protect the environment

Particularly in relation to the last objective, these activities and resources are shared as possibilities for youth to put their knowledge to work as citizen scientists and agents of change in their communities. Join a University of Illinois Extension 4-H Club and make a difference today!!

This lesson introduces the concept of recycling food waste by composting. Students investigate food waste in their school and the nation, and gain awareness of recycling food waste as a better way to care for the earth. The class communicates in writing their plans for and results of a food-waste survey to the school population.

"Citizen Science" projects where youth collect data on butterfly or insect species in their community to help professional scientists determine the presence or absence of specific species, and the abundance of species by state and county throughout the country.

Overview article: "Kids Count: Young Citizen Scientists Learn Environmental Activism", by Evantheia Schibsted, Edutopia

Examples of Citizen Science Projects: