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Community Gardening Project

Community Gardening Project

The University of Illinois Extension and volunteer Master Gardeners have been working with community groups to establish and improve community gardens. Assistance has been given on a number of community gardening projects in many counties, and we continue to look for opportunities to support and provide technical assistance and realted educational opportunities.

  • American Community Gardening Association
    American Community Gardening Association 100 N. 20th Street - 5th floor Philadelphia, PA 19103-1459 Supports community gardening through facilitating the formation and expansion of state and regional community gardening networks; developing resources in support of community gardening and encouraging research and conducting educational programs. Has excellent online guide for starting a community garden.

  • Community Garden Toolkit - U of Missouri PDF

  • Community Gardening - Pest Management Presentation PDF

  • Community Gardening - Planting Your Garden Handouts PDF

  • Community Gardening - Planting Your Garden Presentation PDF

  • Community Gardening Program
    Community Gardening is a new initiative of the U of I Extension-Winnebago County.

  • From Neglected Parcels to Community Gardens: A Handbook
    67 page Community Gardens Handbook from website. Wasatch Community Gardens is a community-based, non-profit organization serving Salt Lake City's low-income neighborhoods since 1989. Wasatch Community Gardens cultivates individual growth and neighborhood unity through community gardening and youth gardening education.

  • Pest Management Handout - Insectikill Garden Spray PDF

  • Press Release - 04/10/10 University of Illinois Extension Provides Support to Community Gardens

  • Starting A Community Garden
    There are many ways to start a community garden. Whether you're working with friends, neighbors, or a local organization, there are many things you'll want to consider before you ever dig the first hole. [information from American Community Garden Association (ACGA) website]

  • U of I Extension "Watch Your Garden Grow"
    Want to learn the basics of planning and caring for a vegetable garden? The "Watch Your Garden Grow" is for you!

  • U of I Extension Hort Corner
    Hort Corner is a website of home gardening and lawn care ideas from the professionals at University of Illinois Extension.

  • What is a Community Garden?
    Introduction A community garden means many things to many people. For some, a community garden is a place to grow food, flowers and herbs in the company of friends and neighbors. For others, it's a place to reconnect with nature or get physical exercise. Some use community gardens because they lack adequate space at their house or apartment to have a garden. Others take part in community gardening to build or revitalize a sense of community among neighbors. Community gardens also take many shapes and forms. From a 50-by-50-foot church garden that supplies a local food pantry with fresh produce to a vacant city lot divided into plots and gardened by neighbors, community gardens reflect the needs and the desires of people directly involved in their management and upkeep. As such, there are many, many ways to organize and manage a community garden. Regardless of why people choose to take part in a community garden or how a garden is organized, the activity of gardening with others can be both rewarding and challenging. Our hope is that this guide will help you manage the challenges that come your way and experience the rewards of community gardening. This guide is intended to be a resource for gardeners, garden organizers, extension staff and other agency professionals who want to start a new community garden, enhance an existing garden or assist community members with starting and managing their own community garden. To Learn More About Community Gardening, please visit the Community Gardening Toolkit Website on the University of Missouri Extension's website.