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Troubleshooting Current/Future Fruit Tree Issues

Posted by Grant McCarty -

Troubleshooting Current/Future Fruit Tree Issues CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND DOWNLOAD AS A PDF It seems like we made it to spring in Northern Illinois. Growth stages of the fruit trees like pear, peach, apple, and cherry have been moving fast and at this stage, small fruit should have developed...

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Tomato Cages Vs. Stakes

Tomato Cages Vs. Stakes Click Here to View and Download as a PDF Last week, I held a "Totally Tomatoes, Perfect Peppers" Program in Freeport and was reminded yet again on how you can either be for tomato cages or staking. I'm firmly in a tomato staking corner but the merits of a tomato cage can be there too...

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5 Tips for Selecting Vegetable Transplants

5 Tips for Selecting Vegetable Transplants. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND DOWNLOAD AS A PDF 1. Know it's Features Most transplants will come with detail on date to maturity (when to harvest), amount of sunlight needed, spacing, and even photos of the vegetable....

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Farmers Market Series: Working with Vendors

The winter time is opportune to not only plan your farmers market but recruit vendors. It's important to have a game plan in place for how you will be pursuing and recruiting vendors. If you have a committee of stakeholders, you may find that some of these members may want to be vendors. These individuals may also know of others who could be vendors. Get the word out. L...

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Farmers Market Series: Type of Market and Location

All farmers markets look different . When you factor in time, day of week, location, customers, vendors, and other parameters, a farmers market's purpose and type will be transformed. While your market may have similar vendors as other markets, your location and purpose will unique. Try early on to determine the type of market you will be . If your market...

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Farmers Market Series: Time, Day of Week, and Season

Now that you've decided that there is a need for a farmers market in your area, you now need to consider elements that can make or break your market. Time, day of week, and length of the farmers market season are crucial to a farmers market being successful and robust. In most cases, a 3 hour farmers market is a common one that we see. It won't take up a whole day for ve...

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Farmers Market Series: Determining the Need

After visiting a number of farmers markets this past summer, you may find that you are now thinking about starting your own in your community. Many towns and civic groups want to start a farmers market. They see that it could spur economic development, provide community pride and awareness, bring attention to the local foods community, among many other things it can do. Starting a farme...

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