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The Blights of Summer

As I mentioned last week, I wanted to wait and talk about both Early and Late blights in a separate post as both of these can have serious consequences if they make it into your yard/operation. Late Blight is such an important disease that the USDA has a website for the mapping of Late Blight in the US ( ). Not many plant diseases out there...

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Pest of the Week- Striped/Spotted Cucumber Beetles

Pest of the Week- Stripped/Spotted Cucumber Beetles As with most cucurbit plants (cucumbers, watermelon, squash, zucchini, melons), this time of the year can produce an onslaught of striped/spotted cucumber beetles. These insects are fairly small and tend to hide inside the flowers and underneath the vines and leaves. The beetles are notorious for defoliating cucumber plants. Furthermor...

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Wilt, Spot, and Speck…Tis Tomato Disease Season

  The last week has proven a large infiltration of these disease causing pathogens of Fusarium/Verticillium, Bacterial Spot and Speck, and Septoria Leaf Spot. As I talked about previously on water, some of these can be worse than others and spread much easily. When it comes to diagnosing what you have, it can sometimes be quite complicated. Many of these look the same with early and lat...

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Water: Friend and Enemy

Posted by Grant McCarty -

In the last couple of weeks, we've been experiencing a good amount of rainfall that has fulfilled most of our crops' water needs. This is in comparison to last year when we saw drought conditions at this time. So you might think it's misguided for me to bring up irrigation management at a time when you are not irrigating. But things change fast especially with weather and could easily e...

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Pest of the Week- Colorado Potato Beetle

To kick off Pest of the Week , let's talk about a pest that you may be seeing. This past week I visited a grower that while we were looking at their potato plants we came across juveniles of the Colorado Potato Beetle (CPB). Source: NC State Univers...

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