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Recap of our Late Summer Field far!

If you've not gotten a chance to join us at our late summer field days this summer, you have certainly missed out. We've had two different field days so far this August. We had great turn out at both our IPM/Mixed Vegetable and Hops. Both of these gave new/experienced growers the opportunity to think more about what they are growing and how they are growing their crops especially when it came t...

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Pest of the Week- Imported Cabbagworm

Pest of the Week: Imported Cabbageworm I'm not entirely sure why I even decide to plan out which pest will be profiled when if I make a visit to University of Illinois Demonstration Garden, there will be a pest there waiting to be found and have a profile made on it. As luck would have it on this Monday, Imported Cabbageworm was found on two different cabbage heads and thus let it be kn...

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Webinar Announced for the new Farmers Market Regulations

In June, Governor Quinn signed into law HB5657 which modifies some of the farmers' market rules and regulations. New regulations included future streamlining of farmers market rules statewide, require a vendor to state the address where the vendor's products are grown, cap the fee a county health department can charge for a vendor registering their cottage food law operation and many other new...

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More Local than Local? Community Food Systems

Recently I was giving an opportunity to speak to a group of community economic development educators and stakeholders at a conference in Dubuque, Iowa. I was part of a mobile bus tour along with UW and Iowa State Extension where we took a bus to Hook's Cheese ( ), Driftless Market ( http...

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Pest of the Week-Squash Vine Borer

I had originally envisioned the pest of the week would be Tobacco/Tomato Hornworm but as luck would have it a different pest let it be known that it was his/her week instead. In the University of Illinois Demonstration Garden, Squash Vine Borer (SVB) made a pretty noticeable appearance. The video of this pest is on our facebook page (...

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