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Foodies and Farm Event

As fall comes in, you're probably done with your gardens and shutting them down. Perhaps you've spent all summer canning and preserving foods. Maybe you also planted some garlic recently. You also might be going to the farmers markets these last weeks and finally getting around to visiting the local orchards for their apples (and the apple cider donuts. It's okay. We eat them too). All of this...

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Cover Crops Week: Day 5- Mixtures and Wrap-Up

Today is our final post for Cover Crops Week. Hopefully you've gotten a great introduction to this topic and can see potential for adopting in your operation or even in your backyard. Before we get to our wrap-up, let's talk about cover crop mixtures. Cover crop mixtures are one of the newest topics within vegetable production for the last couple of years. It's quite common to combine t...

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Cover Crops Week: Day 4- Exit Strategies

Day 4- Exit Strategies When you choose a cover crop for your backyard or your operation, it's certainly important to know the features of it. Will it be good for weed control? Will it provide a quick start? How will it need to be seeded? Equally important is the exit strategy. How are you going to kill it so that you can plant your next crop? The exit strategies will prove to be the one...

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Cover Crops Week: Day 3- Leguminous

Today's topic is leguminous cover crops. Unlike the nonleguminous cover crops, these will actually sequester nitrogen into the soil. They are a great tool as they can be used in place of nitrogen fertilizers. These cover crops will also sometimes be used in conjunction with the fertilizer. For instance, white clover can add between 80-200 lbs of total N per acre. Knowing that and then factoring...

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Cover Crops Week: Day 2- Nonleguminous

Day 2 brings the overview on nonleguminous crops. When we think about the nonleguminous covers crops, their main quality is that they are not a nitrogen source. However, some grasses will sequester and "scavenge" for nitrogen at lower depths, bring up nitrogen that your next crop would not have been able to take up. Nonleguminous cover crops can be classified as grasses and brassicas. Let's tal...

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Cover Crops Week: Day 1-Introduction

I apologize for the delay in getting back into the blogosphere. As most of you have dealt with this fall, there is unevenness. Some weeks are still allowing for tomatoes and peppers to cling on. Then the first very, very light snow mixture occurred in Freeport on Saturday, October 4. This week has been more mild with temperatures in the 50s and 60s so perhaps there has been a recovery on the pa...

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