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Squash Blossoms: Something Else You Aren't Eating

Continuing what has become a series of eating things on a vegetable plant you didn't know you could eat, I wanted to profile squash blossoms. In the last couple of growing seasons, I've seen squash blossoms show up at farmers market stands. While you might think that the grower is sacrificing the squash blossom and now means that he/she will not get a squash/zucchini, this is not the case. A sq...

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Eat Your NEW Greens: The Greens You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

We're at peak right now for the harvesting of cool season vegetables. These vegetable families include swiss chard, kale, cabbage, lettuce, kohlrabi, bok choy, spinach, and many others. When you hear about greens, many people think about the ones mentioned along with turnip and collards greens. These can be prolific producers depending on the season. But there are a number of other greens that...

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Save the Scapes!

If you've grown garlic before, a couple of weeks before harvest you'll start to see the stem growing. It will then curve like a tail as shown in the picture below. These are the garlic scapes and you should use them in your cooking!...

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Companion Planting: Anecdotal or Tried and Tested?

Companion planting is a management strategy of planting crops together. The idea is that each of the crops will benefit one another. Perhaps one repeals insects that attack another. Maybe one of the companions provides nutrients that the other plant can use. One plant could keep sun from the soil and impart weed management. In general, we hope that a companion planting will: manage inse...

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