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Pest of the Week

The Mildews of Summer

Last summer, I focused on profiling tomato blights which you can still find here . As we've dealt with a rainy, colder June and now July so far, it may be that we start to see mildews...

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Pest of the Week- Imported Cabbagworm

Pest of the Week: Imported Cabbageworm I'm not entirely sure why I even decide to plan out which pest will be profiled when if I make a visit to University of Illinois Demonstration Garden, there will be a pest there waiting to be found and have a profile made on it. As luck would have it on this Monday, Imported Cabbageworm was found on two different cabbage heads and thus let it be kn...

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Pest of the Week-Squash Vine Borer

I had originally envisioned the pest of the week would be Tobacco/Tomato Hornworm but as luck would have it a different pest let it be known that it was his/her week instead. In the University of Illinois Demonstration Garden, Squash Vine Borer (SVB) made a pretty noticeable appearance. The video of this pest is on our facebook page (...

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Pest of the Week- Striped/Spotted Cucumber Beetles

Pest of the Week- Stripped/Spotted Cucumber Beetles As with most cucurbit plants (cucumbers, watermelon, squash, zucchini, melons), this time of the year can produce an onslaught of striped/spotted cucumber beetles. These insects are fairly small and tend to hide inside the flowers and underneath the vines and leaves. The beetles are notorious for defoliating cucumber plants. Furthermor...

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Pest of the Week- Colorado Potato Beetle

To kick off Pest of the Week , let's talk about a pest that you may be seeing. This past week I visited a grower that while we were looking at their potato plants we came across juveniles of the Colorado Potato Beetle (CPB). Source: NC State Univers...

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